How AOH Assessable Amounts are Determined

The Administrative Overhead (AOH) assessment is an annual charge for administrative services to units that generate some or all of their budgets from income producing or revenue producing activities.
  • Select Fiscal Year 2023;
  • Select “Exclude” or “Include” under the AOH Indicator.  “Exclude” will show original and assessable revenue. “Include” will show ONLY revenue assessable through the AOH process;
  • Select Primary ARSP, Secondary ARSP, Approp or Cost Center(s)
  • Click Apply
  • Additional filters can be selected for more detailed information
  • Note:  The Oracle Analytics in the Cloud (OAC) AOH Revenue Assessment dashboard may denote an AOH Assessment amount in the negative.  Because these transactions are a reduction of revenue, they will reduce the total amount of AOH assessment applied to that ARSP/Approp.  Examples of negative transactions include: returned checks, JRCs that move revenue, refunds, collection commissions, write offs, etc. 
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